For many years I operated business on a shoestring budget and with whatever acumen I could personally bring to bear for staying alive. When accepted by BBEL as a viable project with their prescribed ‘DNA of an elephant’, I had advisors and the invaluable help of my assigned shepherd to facilitate the creation of the plan for transitioning into Went Caribbean with all its potential for international growth.

Before plans were completed I was seeing opportunities for business fall into place. I am now completely confident of success because of the comprehensive ongoing assistance I am receiving from BBEL

Derek A. Went
Went Caribbean
I am excited and enthusiastic about the new CBET shepherding process and have already witnessed the wisdom of putting such a process in place. In my opinion, an important prerequisite to the sustained success of any business is a disciplined approach to all aspects of the business.

I have tried to instil the discipline which I have used in my own business to help Went Caribbean develop. My emphasis on the need for discipline was confirmed recently when the “doctor of discipline” degree was conferred on me by an eight year old participant of the Governor General’s Agricultural camp which I have had the honour to co-ordinate for the last five years.

I am also a firm believer in the CBET philosophy of “start small, do it right, make a profit and then expand”. It is the implementation component of the business and implementation process that I find most enjoyable and satisfying, and look forward to participating in the systematic expansion of Went Caribbean.

Dr. Frances Chandler
Shepherd, Went Caribbean
As entrepreneurs with a vision, it has been invaluable to us to have at our disposal the experience and guidance of a Shepherd. The process we have gone through with BBEL has taken us to another level of organization and helped us to refine our business model. Our business, providing digital downloads of cutting edge music for the conscious consumer, fit perfectly with the streamlined approach of BBEL. The benefits have gone beyond mere financing.

Adrian Green,
As an entrepreneur, before real success can occur, others must believe in your vision. BBEL has not only provided me with the psychological fruits of believing in my business vision, but it has simultaneously provided a team of advisers-- namely Dr. Basil Springer, Mr. Jeremy Stephens and Ms. Marita Greenidge-- whose competency and professionalism is world class. The input of our Shepherd, Mr. Lennox Lewis, has been awe inspiring to the point where I have personally asked him to be the Chairman of The Board of Directors for Movementunes, Inc.

It is my sincere wish that all businesses could begin their early days with such a serious team and solid infrastructural support. It would truly make all the difference in the world.

Heru Ofori-Atta
CEO, Movementunes, Inc.
What's in a name? As a concept "To Shepherd a business" captures a most crucial 'Phase One' imperative in the life cycle of a business venture. My experience tells me that entrepreneurs who have embraced this kind of intervention have significantly increased the probability of success of their ventures. This CBET structure is yet another protocol through which Barbados has demonstrated Caribbean leadership. I am gratified to have participated in this round of the process.

Lennox Lewis
Shepherd, Movementunes
The Barbados Entrepreneurs’ Venture Capital Fund (BEVCF) programme is an excellent way to kick-start a business. This programme offers a “shepherd” who provides consistent guidance in preparing business plans and is the anchor which ensures that the business plan has a good chance of success. In addition, the workgroup sessions and entrepreneurial network can be a foundation stone in helping small businesses become great businesses.

Eezee Kricket is a start-up company with global potential – the “DNA of an elephant” according to Dr. Basil Springer, Project Manager of BBEL – and the help which is being provided by BEVCF will definitely take our business from its early development stage to a viable commercial business delivering product on a global basis.

The Venture Capital Fund has come at just the right time for Eezee Kricket, and although we have already identified our markets and done some of the necessary market research, we definitely need the support to take our business globally and to develop associated products which will ensure the viability of Eezee Kricket.

As President of this start-up company I can only be thankful for the support and opportunity presented to Eezee Kricket by the Barbados Entrepreneurs Venture Capital Fund.

James Corbin
Eezee Kricket Inc.
I was struck almost immediately by the high skill levels, innovativeness and commitment demonstrated by the entrepreneurs. While there is wide diversity in terms of age, background and interests, they all have that passion and drive that says in essence – ‘we have something interesting and important, something of value that we must share.’

The entrepreneur with whom I interacted, is particularly creative, highly focused and driven to succeed. Roadblocks/hurdles become opportunities to do it differently, to find new pathways to success.

The CBET Shepherding model is practical and works. The system can only redound to the greater benefit of all the major stakeholders: entrepreneurs, clients, communities and countries.

Michael Callender
Shepherd, Eezee Kricket Inc.
When I had my Strategic Visioning Retreat with Basil, he asked me to dream out loud my vision for Manipura... and without limitation. Seldom are we given the opportunity to dream without limitation. It is at once liberating and frightening - liberating because we can dare to become our limitless potential, and frightening in case we fail. BBEL offers the courage and support to dream big. If I express the fear, Basil simply won't listen. BBEL offers the support for growth through its professional team who seem intent on developing unconventional businesses who work with the right side of the brain. With BBEL, entrepreneurs can dare to dream and work to realise that dream!

Annalee Davis
Manipura Inc.
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