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    4. Travel and Accommodation

      The ticket fare is not included in our package, to allow the patient freedom to fly any airline of his choice and set the date of his/her travel.

      The recommended stay in Budapest is between 5 to 10 nights, and is priced from 50 Euro per night. You may need to use hotels before, and after your operation. It is recommended that you conduct your own research as you may find more competitive flight & accommodation packages, particularly over the internet. The hotels selected by us are very close to our practice and good value for your money.We have prepared a list below, of accommodation, which we have personally visited, and know the facilities and location to the clinic are all suitable for your needs.

      Plastic Surgery Budapest

      Recommended Accommodation

      You should look for a suitable accommodation in district VII or VI.
      The clinic is nearby Blaha Lujza Ter. Address: 1085 Budapest Gyulai Pal St 2. - See map below

      Elite Apartments
      Wesselényi u. 12. 1075, Budapest
      Call Zita on 00367042226 86
      Elite Apartments Budapest benefit from a perfect location only steps away from the Great Synagogue and a short walk from the main tourist attractions.
      Web: http://www.activehotels.com/en/brochure/hu/elite-apartments-budapest.html
      Akacfa Holiday Apartments. Akácfa Apartment House
      Akácfa u. 12-14. 1074 Budapest
      OHB Reservation tel.: +36 70 321 7926 or +36 70 321 7926
      Web: http://www.hotelonlinehungary.com/budapest_apartments/akacfa/index_hu.asp
      Izabella’s Dream Apartment
      Izabella's Dream apartment for your stay in Budapest. The apartment can accommodate up to 7 persons, it is only possible to rent the entire apartment.
      Izabella utca 68
      1064 Budapest
      Tel: 0036702755690
      Soho Boutique Hotel
      H-1074 Dohány utca 64. Budapest HUNGARY
      tel: +36 1 872-8292 | fax: +36 1 872-8200
      Direct phone to the reception: 0036 1 872 8212
      Web: http://www.sohoboutiquehotel.com/
      The hotel situated on the Same Street as a the Clinic
      H -1085 GYULAI PáL U. 14 Budapest HUNGARY
      Reception: (+36 1 )327-2000
      Web: http://www.annahotel.hu/
      Central Hotel 21
      NEW hotel nearby to the clinic.
      H-1085 Mária utca 10 Budapest HUNGARY
      tel: + 36 1 413-1650
      Web: http://www.dominikpanzio.hu/en/centralhotel21/roomprice.html

      Budapest - Map of the Plastic Surgery Clinic

      You should look for a suitable accommodation in district VII or VI.
      The clinic is nearby Blaha Lujza Ter. Address: 1085 Budapest Gyulai Pal St 2.

      Plastic surgery clinic map

      List of Accomodation

      Travel to Budapest

      The main national carriers to Budapest (British Airways and Malev) have been operating for years and do have good offers if booked well in advance. More recently with the onset of no-frills airlines many more operators offer cheaper flights between more local airports and Budapest.

      List of airlines and websites

      Aerlingus- Dublin and Manchester

      Malev - Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Edinburgh,

      Ryanair - Bristol, Liverpool, East Midlands, Glasgow

      British Airways?- Heathrow, Gatwick

      Wizzair- Luton

      Easyjet - Gatwick, Luton

      Jet2- Manchester

      Plastic Surgery Budapest

      Before After Pictures