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    4. Extreme Makeovers in Budapest with Meditourist

      Before and After Pictures

      Extreme Makeovers - Plastic Surgery Abroad

      An extreme makeover is when the surgeon will perform multiple cosmetic plastic surgery procedures at once to give you a fresh new look. This may involve both facial and body contouring plastic surgery procedures. The reason one would go for an extreme makeover rather than getting each surgiacal procedure separately is to minimise recovery time. Dr Rodrigo has performed many extreme makeovers in the past and will assess the plastic surgeryprocedures required to give you the ‘new’ look you desire. Dr Vincente Rodrigo board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon is a leader in creating beautiful natural results for face surgeries, breast augmentation, and liposuction-body contouring for his patients.

      Often new mothers will get extreme makeovers plastic surgeries to fix themselves up after having their baby. This may include a tummy-tuck and a breast lift, as well as getting liposuction on areas where they picked up excess fat. These extreme makeovers are becoming more and more popular as people look to reinvent and rejuvenate hemselves as quickly and as safely as possible.

      Plastic surgery before after pictures

      These photos of extreme cosmetic makeovers display the talent of expert cosmetic surgeon

      extreme makeover surgery Cosmetic Procedure Beforeextreme meover surgery in Budapest after
      extreme makeover surgery abroad beforeextreme makeover surgery in Budapest

      Plastic surgery before after pictures
      Plastic surgery before after pictures

      Extreme makeover by Dr Rodrigo Budapest Meditourist

      1999 - 2009 Before After

      Plastic surgery before after pictures

      Plastic surgery before after pictures

      Rhytidectomy before - after

      Full Facelift BeforeFull Facelift After for Meditourist Plastic surgery before after pictures
      Plastic surgery before after pictures

      Plastic Surgery Makeovers - Budapest


      • These combo procedures cannot be combined with any other surgeries.?

      • Patient for "combos" must be in very good health and they are must be? non-smokers.

      Liposuction on tummy and hips ?+ breast implants

      ?€ 3800

      Liposuction on hips + breast lift

      ?€ 2800

      Liposuction (abdominal) + breast reduction ?

      ?€ 2800

      Breast enlargements and nose surgery (tip reshaping)

      € 4100

      Liposuction (abdominal) + upper and lower eyelid sugey

      € 2800

      ? ? ? ?? Full Facelift and neck lift + upper and lower eyelid surgery € 4100 ?
      • The surgery is to be paid for at the clinic on the day of surgery. Invoice is issued in Euros. Accepted payment methods are: cash, Visa or MasterCard. Debit cards are not accepted. COST OF COSMETIC SURGERY- WHAT'S INCLUDED Click here
      • The minimum stay in Budapest after extreme makover surgical procedures strictly 7 to - 10 nights . In case you wish to stay only for the minimum time in Budapest you must arrange supervision and/or aftercare back home.
      • Price Change Disclaimer All pricing is subject to change without notice. For all prices and offers, Meditourist reserves the right to make adjustments due to changing market conditions and other extenuating circumstances. An exact quote can only be provided afterDr Rodrigo has evaluetd your suitability for the requested procedures.

      Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

      Dr Rodrigo - Plastic Surgeon

      Before After Pictures

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