Investment Process

DNA of an Elephant instead of DNA of an ant

Having the DNA of an elephant means that there must be a seed of intelligence in the company idea which gives it the potential, if well managed, to sell its products and services on the global market where there is potential for exponential growth in the form of:

  • Revenue; 
  • Net foreign exchange earnings; 
  • Foreign exchange savings; 
  • Effective use of natural resources; and 
  • Employment

Entrepreneurs are chosen based on the presence of this elephant DNA. We created a stringent set of guidelines to determine which ideas would be considered for investment.

We ask entrepreneurs to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) form highlighting products offered, competitive advantage, management structure, export potential etc. You can take a look at the EOI form here.

These EOIs are then reviewed by BBEL’s executive team and presented to the Board of the Barbados Revolving Seed Capital Fund for consideration. Forms are scored on a 170-point scale with a score of above 114 needed for a proposal to be accepted.

We focus on sectors that have been identified by the Barbados Government as instrumental to Barbados’ economic growth. However we consider ideas outside these sectors if they have demonstrated potential. The sectors are:

  • Business Development Services
  • Creative Industries (e.g. Film, Music and Fashion)
  • Education
  • ICT
  • Renewable Energy
  • Health & Wellness
  • Construction

After proposals are accepted, shepherds are assigned and carefully matched to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs have the right to accept or reject the shepherd chosen. Another will be appointed subject to the entrepreneur’s approval. Entrepreneurs then receive advances from the Barbados Revolving Seed Capital Fund to pay for shepherds and business advisors as appropriate. Shepherds and business advisors assist the entrepreneurs in completing business and implementation plans.

Business and implementation plans are expected to be completed within a six-week period. After plans are completed they are presented to the Board of the Barbados Entrepreneurs' Venture Capital Fund for consideration. Funds are disbursed based on the viability of the business.

There is no guarantee that a business receiving seed capital will receive venture capital funding.

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