Building a herd of elephants

We rigorously screen applications to ensure ideas have the DNA of an elephant. We focus on several key areas:
  • Realistic financial projections and business valuation
  • A strong competitive advantage
  • An effective sales and marketing strategy
  • A competent management team
  • Evidence the company can hit the ground running.
Below are companies currently being considered for venture capital funding. They cover a range of sectors that have been identified by the Barbados Government as economic growth areas.


La Rosa Couture Inc.

La Rosa Couture Inc. produces high quality tailored apparel for both men and women. The company functions only as a manufacturer offering specialized production services to clients who need clothing custom made to fit their specific needs.

Founded by husband and wife team, Ryan and Rozana Moseley, the company intends to become the leading apparel manufacturing company in Barbados eventually expanding to compete on the regional and international stage.

Creative Services

CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution Inc.

CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution Inc. (CTWD) is a worldwide film and television distribution company specialising in Caribbean-themed content. The company acquires, promotes, sells and delivers Caribbean-themed content to international buyers in sectors such as the educational (non-theatric) sector and the international television sales sector.  

CTWD intends to become internationally known "as the company to go to" for Caribbean filmed product, offering a variety of material in different genres/formats from a range of producers from all over the Caribbean and its Diaspora.

The company is a Business to Business operation dealing regionally and internationally with content creators, educational institutions, large private and government broadcasters and cablecasters, and DVD/Internet-based distributors.

Studio Caribe TV Inc.

First established in 2009, Studio Caribe TV (SCTV) is an independent production and multi-platform media company at the cutting edge of the future of television and film - online. An International Business Company based in Barbados, SCTV, produces, acquires and distributes content via its hub.

SCTV's 'Producers Portal" is where programme makers can register and submit proposals for commissioning: www.studiocaribe.tv/producers.
An innovative young company with a fresh take on things, SCTV will cover topics such as environmental news, health, pop culture and film, all with its own quirky edge.

With the site launching in Autumn 2010: Studiocaribe.tv, the go-to video portal from the Caribbean..


Art-aniMAL Inc.

Art-aniMAL offers a rich collection of work by the most contemporary, forward thinking, visual artists in the region. Established in 2010 by internationally acclaimed Caribbean artist Ras Akyem, Art-aniMAL brings the credibility of the region's best artists to the world. 

The creation of art-aniMAL was in response to the severe global under-representation of the Caribbean region as a whole in the visual arts. Because of the Caribbean's creative isolation, regional history and outside perceptions, which are often attached to the Caribbean cliche of fishing boats and palm trees, Art-aniMAL offers the unique artistry of Ras Akyem and artists that share similar philosophical positions, to the market.



Manipura Inc.

ManipuraManipura Inc. provides a unique Caribbean experience through imagery and discussion on Caribbean society. The company manages two artistic brands - Annalee Davis, a contemporary body of work that looks at universal issues through a Caribbean lens and Manipura, a commercial line that celebrates the beauty of the Caribbean. The range of products offered includes paintings, limited edition prints, home decor, installations, objects and several more.


Movementunes Movementunes offers socially positive content from world class artistes for download on its website. The website features a variety of artists with diverse musical styles such as reggae, jazz, hip-hop, spoken word poetry, soul music, world music and more. The catalogue of artistes is consistently growing as artistes seek new avenues through which to sell their content. The company currently offers audio content but will soon be offering film downloads on a subscription basis.

Information Communication Technology

Caribbean Webcast Inc.

Caribbean Webcast Inc. capitalizes on the exciting developments in new media by offering rich online content in the form of music videos, concerts, festivals, music and much more. The company pulls the Caribbean together with a cross cultural delivery of web content that showcases the Caribbean culture to the world. Products include digital marketing of Live webcasts, streaming of audio and video content, marketing materials, real time traffic reports, artiste licensing and digital distribution, a user profiles database and streaming platform development.

Health and Wellness

Went Caribbean Inc.

Went Caribbean Went Caribbean offers a diverse selection of goods and services as a healthy, island lifestyle support system. The company produces WentWorx, an aromatic blend of natural herbs and spices that are free from MSG, sugar, salt, preservatives or food additives. This range features a complex balance of traditional flavouring ingredients that allows for the simple re-creation of the memorable tastes found in Caribbean Cuisine as well as contributes time tested benefits to the general health of the body.

Went Caribbean also offers Food Design/Consultancy, “Went To Go” Branded Culinary Merchandise, New Caribbean Cuisine Cooking Tutorials and Eye Went Images: graphic and photographic art intended to nourish the human spirit.


EeZee Kricket Inc.

EeZee Kricket Inc. Eezee Kricket Inc. produces the innovative, challenging, international award winning cricket trivia board game EeZee Kricket.

The game continues the tradition of cricket excellence by Barbadians by “lifting” the game right off the field and placing it on a board with sixty-four squares, each one representing an event in cricket during an actual match. When you add two players with a fondness for cricket heroes, an acute knowledge of its history and a keen, competitive spirit, then you have a match set for a nail-biting finish!

EeZee Kricket is easy to play, engaging fun for the entire family and brings people together. The game is for ages 8 to adult. It comes with easy and challenging questions for the young and old, and players can build their own commentary as the game progresses.

The game is designed for the global market and can be customized for any country simply by changing the questions. It has been patented in the UK, South Africa, India, Australia and the USA.

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