We’re committed to your success.

Your idea is brilliant; your passion is immense; yet acquiring capital remains difficult. Typical funding sources either don’t fund your type of business or they keep you waiting a very long time to acquire that much needed capital.

We're different.

If you’ve got an idea that has the potential for global expansion, we’re looking for you. If you meet our criteria, cash advances will be made quickly. And, to assist with the development of your business, we will assign you a shepherd (mentor) who will work with a team of skilled business advisors to ensure you build strong management systems.

Your success is our country’s success so we’re committed to making your success happen.

Benefits to the entrepreneur
  • Emergency cash advances
  • Quick response process
  • Expeditious assignment of carefully matched shepherds (business mentors)
  • Assistance with product research and development
  • Development and pursuit of initial sales opportunities
  • Assistance with business plan development and investor pitch
  • Development of an action plan monitoring report


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