YOU make the difference

Poor management is one of the main reasons businesses fail. Entrepreneurs often have brilliant ideas but they lack the business acumen to effectively execute those ideas. This is why a shepherd is essential. A shepherd is someone who has many years of experience running a successful business or consulting to businesses. This person possesses the ability to guide the entrepreneur towards making prudent business decisions. Essentially the shepherd helps usher the entrepreneur to success. 

It's a rewarding role.

As the portfolio of successful enterprises grows, shepherds can proudly proclaim they had a significant impact on economic development in Barbados. As the shepherding model becomes more widely adopted, Caribbean shepherds can delight in the fact that they were pioneers in this innovative approach to economic development.

Why should you become a shepherd? 
  • Shepherding is a marvellous way to give back to your community; it is your input that makes the difference between business success or business failure.
  • You become part of a dynamic, virtual organization focused on economic development. The role you play here has ripple effects throughout the entire Barbadian economy.
  • You define your own hours since you are not an employee, but a consultant to the fund.
  • The earning potential is huge - the more successful our shepherding model, the more investment we are likely to attract, the more businesses we can potentially fund, the more businesses that require shepherds.

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