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Creating economic growth, through enterprise development, one successful enterprise after another.

BIM Ventures is a partnership between Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust Inc. (owner of the intellectual property rights of the CBET Shepherding ModelTM) and the Government and private sector of Barbados.

The Government of Barbados accepted the proposal that Barbados Entrepreneurs' Venture Capital Fund, (BIM Ventures) based on the CBET Shepherding ModelTM be introduced as a catalyst to grow the economy of Barbados one enterprise after the other, recognizing that each enterprise would be led by an entrepreneur.

The Fund was launched in November 2009 on the premise that there are 3 key components needed to propel economic growth:

  • a shepherd to mentor the entrepreneur in pertinent aspects of business development
  • an entrepreneur whose idea has huge potential
  • capital to support the development of that entrepreneur’s idea

Together these three key components make up the CBET Shepherding Model™, a risk mitigation tool designed to heighten the probability of business success.

The Barbados Entrepreneurs' Venture Capital Fund, supported by the Barbados Revolving Seed Capital Fund, makes up that critical capital component of the CBET Shepherding Model™. Both funds are quick response to get entrepreneurs the vital funds needed to push their ideas to the next level.

Our shepherding component means that we don’t just invest capital and send entrepreneurs on their way to develop businesses on their own; we invest time, energy and expertise to ensure entrepreneurs have a strong support system to guide them to success.

We intend to develop a family of successful entrepreneurs, one high performance enterprise after another. BIM Ventures fulfills this role by providing (1) Shepherding services to mitigate the risk of business failure and (2) Quick response Venture Capital services to address the lack of timely access to start-up capital.

The Barbados Entrepreneurs' Venture Capital Fund and the Barbados Quick Response Revolving Seed Capital Fund are managed by Barbados Business Enterprise Corp. (BBEC). BBEC is a Barbadian Public/Private partnership with the Caribbean Business Enterprise Trust (CBET). The company is a virtual organization.
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